Welcome to FreeSTAR* dstarNET* XRF044 Status Pages

XRF044 is a reflector that enables Allstar systems to bridge to FreeSTAR* / dstarNET* systems
allowing licensed amateur radio operators and repeater systems to converse with each
other regardless of technology, geographical location and political bias. 

This server is Hosted in the UK Via 1000Mb [1Gb] connection.
Module A [Analog GW Node-27370 (Echolink *NORFOLK*) ]
Module B [dstar chat International]
Module C [dstarNet* STN044 Local]
Module D [D-RATS/Data]
Module E [Echo Test Tool]
For more information regarding FreeStar* Nodes in the UK. Take a Look at the Active Nodes Page
Also have a look at the FreeStar* web site, and then visit the GB3NU Pages

Status information on the dstarNET* subscribed listeners/talkers STN044 Page.
Also new XRF044 Dashboard information page XRF044 Page.


The windows below update automatically every 5 minutes.


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